My 100 word challenge !

Everyone was feeling tired and very hungry when suddenly the trees began to get thinner in front of them and the ground began to fall steeply………

Quickly the twilight family saw that it was a earthquake. They start to run and scream as loud as a lion roaring. In a flash they were in a mysterious land called Time land. There were lots of awesome places like the zoo, the park, the jungles and the ocean. Beautiful animals were there like seals, starfish and more. There was a lovely restaurant and the twilight family ate some delicious food. Instantly they took lots of amazing photos. Suddenly they were back where they were . The family cheered because they had got back. They were excited and happy.

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Area and Perimeter

How to calculate perimeter ?

To calculate perimeter you need to measure the length then the width of the shape then add them all together and give your answer in cm (centimeter).

How do I calculate area ?

To calculate area you need to measure the length and width then times it all together. When you get your answer you have it in cm 2 ( centimeter square).


Examples of area?



The film topic

The film topic has been my favorite topic in year 4 because you get to make the film and turn it into a movie. The films all have different parts of the films. At the beginning of the film I started to struggled but now I have got the hang of it.

What do you know about film making?

History of Walt Disney Films.

1923 – Alice’s Wonderland

1927 – Oswald and Lucy the Rabbit

1929 – The Skeleton Dance

1932 – Flower and Trees

1934 – The Wise Little Hen

1937 – Snow White

1940 – Pinocchio

1941 – Dumbo

1942 – Bambi

1943 – Salcedo’s Amigos  

1945 -  The 3 Callers

1946 – Song of South

1947 – Fun and Fancy Free

1948 – Seal Island

1950 – Cinderella

1953 – Peter Pan

1955 – Lady and Tramp

1969 – Sleeping Beauty

1960 - Robinsons

1966- Winnie the Pooh

1967 – The Jungle

1968 – Winnie The Pooh

1969 – The Love Bug

1970 – Aristocats

1972 – Bed knob

1975 – Escape to the mountain

1976 – Freaky Friday

1977 – The Rescuers

1981 – The fox and Hound

1982 – Tron

1984 -  Splash

1985 – OZ

1986 – The great Mouse

1987 – Good Morning , Viet

1988 – Oliver and Company.

1989 – The little Mermaid

1991 – Beauty

1992 – The Might Duck

1994 – Lion King

1995 – Toy story 




What I learnt in year 4

I learnt many things in year4, so I want to tell you a few of them. One of the first is math I learnt how to do sums like 1090 divide 12. It was challenging and I liked doing the hot questions because they were very fun and I learned how to times millions like 9545 times 999. Also when I was stuck I read it few more times then I understood it so you should always read and read again! A thing I have learnt and improved in literacy is hand writing, distilling and last but not least spelling. In hand writing I write more cursive in distilling I change it more into my words and in spelling I can show you a example so I used to write my because like beacause but now I spell it properly.

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About Rosie Banks !

Rosie Banks grew up in a small village in the south west of England. She spent her childhood dreaming of magical creatures and faraway places. Rosie Banks is in her twentys so she is quite young she might be ten years older than me. Rosie wishes came true from when she was wishing to be an adventurous author and all her wishes came true. Rosie wanted to ride a unicorn because she loved unicorns that is why she wrote a book called unicorn valley.



What have you learnt about Rosie Banks?

by Archana 4.1

what I have learnt

I have learnt that the solar system was formed from a rotating cloud of gas and dust which spun around newly forming star, our sun, at it’s center.The planets all formed from this spinning disk shaped cloud, and continued this rotating course around the sun after they were formed. The gravity of the sun keeps the planets in their orbits. They stay in their orbits because there is no other force in the solar system which can stop them.

planet names

1 mercury

2 vunes

3 earth

4 mars

5 Jupiter

6 saturn


8 Neptune

9 sun

10 pluto

Do you know any information about the solar system?






What I have learnt in summary of Michael Morpurgo

I have learnt that Michael Morpurgo has written books for children and adults. He has written lots of books like little manfred and many more. Some of his books have been turned into films. He had attended  schools in london. Then he went to London universty to study English and French. He got a job in primary school and that is when he decided to be a author. His most popular book is war horse . Michael Morpurgo has written over a 100 books. Michael Morpurgo is well known author.

who is your favourite author and what do you know about them?


What happened in East Midlands

In East Midlands a earthquake happened. It happened at 10:30 pm and people felt the earthquake . It was at a town called Oakham and the vibrations had lasted for ten seconds. People who were living there  reported that buildings were shaking. 1,400 people had felt the earthquake . No one had got hurt or killed.

what do you know about earthquakes?